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Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Hammonton, NJ We at Jersey Premier Landscape Management are one of the leading companies in the landscaping field and provide custom landscape design and related services to clients in and around Hammonton. We have built a very strong customer base here and in the surrounding areas of Avalon, Linwood, and Medford.

Clients in Lindenwold, Glassboro, as well as Marlton, hire us for all their residential and landscaping requirements. Our expert team has successfully completed a number of projects in Mullica Hill, Stone Harbor, and Haddonfield. We also have many new and returning customers coming in from Marlton and the surrounding areas. The range of services we provide includes:

Residential Maintenance

If you have landscaped areas on your property, you need to ensure that they are maintained with regularity. We provide excellent residential maintenance solutions to clients across the region. Our expertise extends from providing custom residential maintenance services including tree and shrub care, lawn care to all types of hardscaping services. We use the latest technology and materials in our work ensuring that the job is completed in the most efficient and safe manner. We understand that every property owner will have very different requirements and that is why we customize our solutions and provide residential maintenance packages that fit into your budget. Read More About Residential Maintenance »

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial landscapes are very different from residential ones. Not only are they more expansive but the types of features in them are different as well. We understand that commercial property owners need to ensure that all the outdoor spaces on their property are spruced up and look great at all times. We provide custom commercial maintenance plans for all types of landscapes. Our team would work closely with you to make sure that the commercial maintenance packages are designed to meet your specific requirements and the needs of your landscape. If you need us to come in after business hours to carry out the maintenance tasks, we can accommodate these requests as well. Read More About Commercial Maintenance »

Turf Fertilization

The lawns on your property need regular care and attention and it is very important to make sure that they are fertilized at regular intervals using good quality organic products. We are the landscaping experts that go the extra mile to ensure that our clients get customized turf fertilization solutions. These would be designed based on the type of grass and soil on your property, which means your grass will get the proper nutrition at all times. Our grass fertilization plans are typically incorporated into landscape care packages, but we can also handle basic custom turf fertilization for you as well. This helps keep your grass healthy and green at all times. Read More About Turf Fertilization »

Pest Management

Landscaped areas are vulnerable to pest infestations and the best way to ensure that they are protected at all times is to opt for our expert pest management services. We provide these solutions for commercial as well as residential landscapes and ensure that these are tailored to suit the requirements of our clients. We use nontoxic pest control products which can keep your landscape well-protected right through the year. We understand that there will be different types of pests in landscapes, and care will be taken to ensure that the appropriate products are used for your specific trees, plants, and lawns. Our pest management services could be part of your landscape care plan or a standalone service as well. Read More About Pest Management »

Landscape Design

Creating beautiful, resilient and sustainable landscapes is a lot about making sure that the right type of landscape design is used. We are the landscape designing experts that provide outstanding services to commercial and residential clients across the region. Our teams of landscape designers have a deep understanding about the different types of plantings, trees as well as masonry elements. They use this knowledge to create superb landscape designs and plans that can be a true reflection of your good taste and will complement the overall appearance of your property. The focus of our landscape design solutions is always on creating low maintenance outdoor spaces that will provide value in the long term. Read More About Landscape Design »

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

When you have outdoor spaces that have been designed and installed by experts, you want to showcase them not only during the daytime but after dark as well. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you get good quality exterior lighting installed in these areas. It is important to ensure that the landscape is properly illuminated, it is also necessary to make sure that energy efficient fixtures are used in the work. This helps you keep a handle on your energy bills which is why we recommend the use of low voltage outdoor lighting. These LED fixtures are built for outdoor environments and are 80% more energy-efficient than standard light fittings. Read More About Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting »

Water Features

In addition to the softscaping and hardscaping on your property, including well-designed water features is one of the best ways to lend balance to the outdoor areas. We can provide customized water feature design and installation solutions for features such as fountains, waterfalls, streams, ponds etc. These water features will be built to complement the rest of the elements in your landscaping and care will be taken to ensure that hardy products are used in the work. Our landscape designers are extremely creative in their approach and you can rest assured that your water feature designs and plans will be truly unique and attractive in every way. Read More About Water Features »

Tree Care and Removal

While trees are quite hardy, they too need regular care. As part of our landscape maintenance plans, we also provide excellent tree care solutions. If you need tree care and removal as a separate service, we can provide that as well. If you have any dead, decaying old or damaged trees in your landscape, you can opt for our excellent tree removal solutions. Not only will we remove the affected tree from your landscape, but will also make sure that the stump is ground a few inches below the grade. Our landscapers have vast experience in creating tree maintenance plans that are built to meet the needs of all types of trees in your landscape. Read More About Tree Care and Removal »

Commercial Snow Removal

Heavy snowfall it can prove to be a major inconvenience as it hampers regular movement. This poses even more of a problem for commercial property owners as it affects their business and profitability in the winter months. This is where our commercial snow removal services come into the picture. We are prompt and reliable with providing these services and can create excellent packages for you. We use the latest technology and equipment in our snow removal work which improves the efficiency of our crew. This will help ensure that your commercial property is free of snow and that your parking lots and other outdoor spaces are easily accessible even after a snowstorm. Read More About Commercial Snow Removal »

Demolition Services

If you are getting a new landscape installed and need demolition services to remove outdoor features that already exist there, we are the company to call. We provide excellent demolition services to commercial and residential customers and can handle projects of all sizes and shapes. Our team of experts will carry out this work in a very methodical manner and make sure that all of the outdoor features like swimming pools, sheds, garages that you need removed are demolished with care. We use advanced equipment and tools in our work and our crew is highly experienced as well. They ensure that the work is carried out safely and efficiently and that all the debris and other materials are removed from the property in time for the site work to commence. We remove houses, commercial buildings & interiors as well. Read More About Demolition Services »

Site Work

Once the demolition work of any outdoor features has been completed in the open areas, the area needs to be prepped for the new installations. As an all-service landscape company, we have the experience, expertise as well as resources to handle site work for commercial and residential clients. Site work is a very important aspect of any landscape installation project. It becomes important to remove all obstacles, extra plants and overgrown grass as well as weeds. In addition, the land will be graded and leveled as per plan so that the hardscape construction process can start on time, as per the plans that have been approved by you. Our landscape design team is extremely knowledgeable and skilled and makes sure that the site prep is carried out methodically. This is crucial to the stability and longevity of all the features that will be installed there. Read More About Site Work »

We are focused on providing our clients the highest quality services but always maintain very reasonable landscaping cost. For any more information about our services, feel free to Contact Us via this form or simply call Jersey Premier Landscape Management at this number - 609-878-3315 to discuss your project details.

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